G3 Systems, Inc. was founded in 1993 with the primary objective of supporting the mission critical needs of our Government, Military, Corporate, Educational and Non-Profit customers.  G3 expertise focuses on four primary categories: User Interface Design, Software Engineering, Training Development and Modeling and Simulation.  G3 solutions are informed by our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt analysis, validated by our Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Level 3 processes, and backed by our nearly 20 year track record of on-time and on-budget performance.  The G3 Systems end-to-end process adds value to any project.

G3 Systems Advantage – Our End-to-End Process and Services:

Agile Development Starts with Agile Thinking:

G3 has a long held belief that if you can’t take a whiteboard marker and draw requirements elements on the board and show how they connect, then those connections don’t really exist.  This process of connecting the dots has helped G3 guide customers through the requirements verification and validation process and identify and address any conflicting, overlapping and contradictory requirements.  This process done early in the project saves costly development time later.  It also helps uncover overlooked 2nd and 3rd order consequences of existing requirements.

Training Needs Assessment and Optimization:

G3 is often asked to develop training for an existing system or find ways of improving current training effectiveness.  G3 has a methodology for breaking the training down into modular pieces while looking for ways to structure the training to take advantage of as much functional overlap as possible in order to reduce overall development time and cost, while also improving overall training effectiveness.  G3 has been able to reduce overall training time by as much as 800% while also reduce training cycles from 4-5 cycles to just 1-2 cycles.

Existing User Interface Review and Analysis:

G3 is often asked to evaluate an existing user interface in order to determine what issues may be causing problems in either user satisfaction, usability or trainability.  G3 typically finds the issue is not just the quality of the existing training but some core problem with the user interface design of the current systems.  G3 Founder Gordon Miller is a Founding Fellow for the Center for Human Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech and can perform an analysis on a system in as little as 10 days to help guide remediation strategies to improve usability.

Workflow and Process Optimization:

G3 uses a workflow storyboard process for nearly every system it develops.  This visual representation of the flow from screen to screen and the different user modes and connections between screens is critical to understanding how to achieve the necessary efficiencies in usability.  80% of all key system functionality should be available to the user in no more than 2-3 clicks.  Some systems bury key features 7-8 clicks down in the interface or nest screens that require excessive navigation into and out of those features.  G3 strategies solve those problems.

Legacy Systems Data Migration:

G3 has noticed a trend over the last 20 years where new proposed systems are developed to replace older systems and in the process seem to inherit much of the legacy systems data.  In many cases, that data may not be in a format that is conducive to long term use in the new system or it may be incompatible with the proposed systems architectures. G3 has been successful in establishing methodologies for migrating data from as many as 17 legacy systems into a single enterprise solution or a virtual database to preserve seamless links to the legacy data.

Functional and Technical Architecture Planning:

G3 is fortunate to have contributed to the design and development of many mission critical systems.  Our first major architecture was the US Army Training Information Architecture (ATIA), then the US Army Future Combat System (FCS) System of Systems, followed by the US Department of State SMART portal and more recently the Patient Health Record (PHR) system for CVS that processes over 40 million transactions a year for more than 4 million users.  High performance, high availability systems architectures are our specialty.

Visual Mockups and Functional Prototypes:

G3 puts our Graphics User Interface (GUI) design expertise to good use by quickly translating requirements, workflow diagrams and other prior inputs into a visually appealing visual mockup that the customer can quickly relate to and understand.  G3 then links the screens together and populates the screens with sample data to achieve a functional prototype.  This can often be done in as little as 2-3 months. The customer can review and approve a solution before any final code is cut thus reducing cost and schedule risk up front and establishing a baseline.

End User Survey and Usability Data Analysis:

G3 has always supported a user-centered design process.  No matter what type of system you build there is a human in the loop somewhere even it is just to administer the system.  Most systems have as few as a handful of user to as many as millions of users.  G3 puts a user feedback loop into the software engineering lifecycle starting as early as the visual mockup and functional prototype step in order maximize the benefit of user inputs.  This feedback loop is maintained throughout development and used after deployment to gather input for help desks.

Software Engineering and Systems Integration:

G3 has developed a diversified software engineering and systems integration approach.  If viable 3rd party solutions exist either in the Government off the Shelf (GOTS) or Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) arena then we prefer to integrate a solution.  All too often using GOTS or COTS can be a compromise that may prove to be more costly to adapt than simply engineering a complete solution.  G3 has certified experts in all programming languages including C++, C#, .NET, .PHP, .XML, Java (Android), Flash, Cold Fusion and Coco (iPhone).

Web Portal Development and Online Training:

G3 was founded just before the birth of the Internet.  G3 was instrumental in many of the first commercial web-based solutions for buying and selling items online such as houses and cars.  Our transactional ecommerce solutions evolved into our web applications development business.  G3 started out building training on CD-ROM long before web-based training was technically viable.  G3 has since designed mission critical web-based information systems portals and vital decision supports systems for DOD, DHS, DOS, ED, HUD and others.

Interactive Multimedia and Technical Training:

G3 training solutions have won multiple international design awards for Educational Applications and Technical Training.  G3 Founder Gordon Miller was Founder and Director of the Multimedia Lab at Virginia Tech in 1991 prior to Founding G3 in 1993.  While at Virginia Tech, Miller assisted over 400 faculty and staff with the development of over 150 multimedia projects.  Since then G3 has developed over 2,000 hours of Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) including full courseware conversion work under the DLXXI contract.

Modeling and Simulation-based Training Solutions:

G3 Founder Gordon Miller was the Co-Founder for the Lab for Scientific Visual Analysis at Virginia Tech in 1989 where he focused on mathematical and parametric modeling, visual and spatial simulations, wave propagation and simulation.  Since then G3 has developed solutions that include software simulations, visual simulations, process simulations, surgical simulations, weapon systems simulations and full 3D simulation-based training.  These simulations have been a vital part of our decision support systems and training systems success.

Load Testing Validation and Performance Monitoring:

G3 builds solutions using personnel that typically score in the top 1%-2% of their respective fields.  As such, our highly innovative solutions aren’t always the lowest cost, but do offer our customers the “best value”.  Our high performance systems are engineered and optimized by expert personnel.  Therefore, in order to protect that investment and to keep our solutions running at maximum efficiency; G3 quality assurance (QA) personnel can ensure that our solutions continue to meet performance targets.  Ongoing monitoring and maintenance contracts with G3 will keep those systems running at optimal efficiency throughout the projected life of the system.